Hey Boys, check out these funny jokes below!

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Golf Addiction

A couple have just gotten married. As they are retreating to the bedroom for the first night madness, the husband looks deeply into his wife’s eyes. “Honey, I’ve got something to tell you. I haven’t been completely honest. I am a golfing addict and every chance I get I’m going to go and have a round.” “OK” said his wife. “As we are confessing, I haven’t been completely honest with you either. I’m a hooker”. “That’s OK” said the husband. “You’ve just got to make sure you keep left arm straight and your head down longer.”

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Tough Round

Bob and John have just finished an arduous round of Golf. “Bob” says John, “you didn’t seem the same on the course today. Is everything alright at home” “Not really” says Bob. “I think my wife Beryl might be dead”. “What do you mean you ‘think’ she’s dead. Isn’t it obvious whether or not she is still alive”. “Well” said Bob. “I’m not too sure. The sex is the same as always but the dishes are starting to pile up”

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Putting Shame

What does masturbation and 4 putting have in common? Even though you’re a little ashamed of what you have done, you know you will do it again

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Golfing Partner

John recently changed jobs and starts working a night shift. Taking advantage of the late start, he decides to fit in a round of golf every morning before work. On the first round on Monday morning, he catches up with a stunning brunette after the first 5 holes also having a round by herself. John and the stunning brunette Clare decide to play against each other for the rest of the course. Clare is having a pretty good round. In fact at the end of 18 holes, she beats John by 4 shots. “This is the most enjoyable round of golf I have ever played” says Clare. John agreed so they decide to play against each other every morning for the rest of the week. John being a complete gentlemen offers Clare a lift home to which she accepts. On the drive home, Clare says “You know John, I really appreciate you inviting me to play golf with you. I’d like to show you my appreciation.” “Sure” says John. Clare then reaches between his legs, unzips his fly and performs oral sex on him on the drive home. Tuesday morning comes along, again they play a round in the morning and again Clare wins by a couple of strokes. On the drive home, Clare again shows John her appreciation through oral sex. This goes on for the remainder of the week with Clare winning every round of golf. On the drive home on Friday, she says to John “John, I’ve got something I need to tell you. I haven’t been completely honest – I’m a transvestite”. John slams on the brakes and veers violently off the road screeching to a holt on the side of the road. Angry with Clare’s admission, he turns to Clare “You f*@king cheat. You’ve been hitting off the ladies tee all week”