Our History

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The FIRST Fall Classic ( actually held in February)
Back row: Dan Connelly, Gil Lugo, Joe Ofalt, John Benedict, Tony
Kren Front row: Harold Swift, Ron Anderson, Russ Ogle


Welcome to Annual Shenvalee Hackers Holiday of Leisurely Exercise Homepage. In the beginning, this was a simple golf outing for 8 guys in off-season February in Virginia. Now, 19 years later, this annual outing has moved to more weather-friendly Fall and has become a season finale for many to this fine aggravating sport! While the attendance numbers has varied from the initial 8 up to 20 registered this year, many golfers has participated in this weekend of golf, fun, and camaraderie.
How this little golf resort, centered in Virginia, became the focus of all of this is quite a story. In September, 1989, Russ Ogle was returning to Harrisburg from San Francisco, when he struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger who had just returned from a golf outing with three friends at Callaway Gardens, GA.
As the discussion progressed (and a little liquor to boot), he explained to Russ that each year he and his three buddies plan a week of golf at various resorts throughout the US. Over the years, the locations have become more exotic and expensive, but the fellowship remained the same. He stated that this was their twentieth year together, and although the location was different each year, the best outing was their first; Shenvalee Golf Resort in New Market, Virginia.
He explained further to Russ that for the price and location, Shenvalee was a 'real performer'. He boasted of the excellent food, level tees, green fairways and smooth greens. He also mentioned the cold beer and lovely barmaids, but Russ really wasn't interested in that.
Upon returning to work, Russ discussed the possibility of a golf outing with Dan Connelly and John Benedict and the "rest is history". Dan made the arrangements (prior to Email) for a party of eight to attend the following year in February 1990. Hence the name "Connelly Group" for which Shenvalee has come to know our party. The original eight were Ron Anderson, John Benedict, Dan Connelly, Tony Kren, Gil Lugo, Joe Ofalt, Russ Ogle, and Harold Swift.And so began a tradition. The following year, Dan Connelly along with Roger Hanson, coined the name ASHHOLE to identify our group.
We have golfed in snow, rain, wind, sun, and moonlight; consumed gallons of refreshment; closed the local bar (Sandtrap) and even once had to relocate to Carroll Valley golf resort because there were no rooms available. However, we have never had to send anyone to the hospital, never had a car accident, and never had to bail anyone out of jail.


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